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Installation of server application

Installation of clients

Creating a package

Deploying a package

Monitoring the deployment

Searching for problems in the deployment

An important feature is the monitoring, that the action of the script got a success on the client computer. phpAdamoto supports this monitoring with the "automatic installation check" feature.

- Write your script in such a way that it creates a file on the client system, if it successed his job.
- When you create the package, choose set the "automatic installation check" to "1".
- On "file to check the succesful instllation:" put in the filename of the file you create at success.
- On "timeout for installation check (in seconds):" put a time in seconds that is a little bit longer that your script will last.
- The phpAdamoto client will start, the script, wait for the timeout seconds, will check if the file exists and when it exists, change the status for the script deployment to succes.
- So you get an overview of the success of your script deployment in very easy way.