phpAdamoto Documentation




Installation of server application

Installation of clients

Creating a package

Deploying a package

Monitoring the deployment

Searching for problems in the deployment

phpAdamoto is an Application and Script Deployment And MOnitoring TOol.


- Control and administrate many, many clients with a web based console.

- The web-frontend in conjunction with the server and the power of shell or perl scripts enables you to do a lot of work on the clients in a very efficient way. So you can administrate your network of linux clients by changing conf-files through a bash-skript.

- Just write the script to do the job. phpAdamato takes the tasks to deploy the script to your chosen clients, starts the script on them and reports you status on all clients.

- Install a new application on all you clients with just some mouseclicks and monitor the succes of the installation.

- phpAdamoto is a light and easy-to-use but powerful application. In the current version we recommend phpAdamoto for networks up to 250 clients. More clients are not a speed problem, but it makes sense to structure clients of that amount, which is not possible in the current version of phpAdamoto.

- Adamoto supports linux and windows clients in the current version.