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To access the client, perl clientprogramm has to be installed. If you got 200 computers this is a hard job, but it will be the last one, cause after the installation you can install a programm on all these 200 computers with just one mouseclick.
This is to do to install the client:

- Get the perl file from here.
- Get the client config file here.
- Change the file. Put the hostname or IP of your phpAdamoto-Server in the first line.
- Put the two files on the client. On linux we prefer the directory /opt/adamoto/ .
- Start the client ("perl"). The client will connect to the server and register at the server. He should now appear on the "administrate systems" list.
- Make sure the client is started every hour or every day by a cron job (linux) or the scheduler (windows).
- Ready.
- It will be easier in some of the next version, when the clients got an installer programm. If you want to write such a program please mail to me.